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What size and type of companies does Betafits work with?

We work with companies that employ anywhere from 25 to 2,500 employees. Betafits works best with companies motivated to provide their employees with the best options for their benefit needs. By taking a people first approach to benefits consulting, we learn about the needs of your employees in order to select the best benefits packages for your company.

What does the name “Betafits” actually mean?

In the Tech World, “Beta” refers to user testing of a new product, where changes can be made before the final product is released. We see ourselves as taking an innovative and modern approach to employee benefits, through a philosophy of continuous improvement. We strive to “always be in Beta,” meaning that we are constantly adjusting our approach and changing our solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Why is it beneficial to manage both healthcare and retirement plans in one package through Betafits?

Combining healthcare and retirement benefits simplifies the process, saving you time and energy. By handling all of your company's benefits in one place, education, administration, and change management will all be easier.  

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