Why Betafits?

Our Mission

We are energized and excited by the opportunity to serve employers in the design of high-quality benefits packages that are easy to use and enrich the experience of their employees and their families.

We strive to “always be in Beta,” meaning that we are constantly in search of the best strategies and solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.  With our people-first approach, we deliver modern, high-performing benefit programs and the best customer experience.

Betafits was built to intentionally align our interests with those of our clients and their teams in order to deliver the best benefits and experience year after year. We do so by working closely with the decision makers of companies to offer benefits and 401(k) plans that are transparent, tech-enabled, and focused on a positive employee experience.

About Us

Using a spectrum of benefits innovation, we are dedicated to making benefits more user-friendly and modern




We are committed to being transparent with our clients about their benefit plans and health care costs

Our culture and team-first approach translate into meaningful work aimed at the employee satisfaction of our clients

Our Culture

Be an Ethical Leader

Demonstrate behaviors that impart kindness, generosity, and peace-making through communication, consideration, equitability, and fairness.

We strive to provide unparalleled value for employees which in turn creates a competitive advantage for their employers. We are committed to bridging the knowledge gap between employees and their benefits to help them make meaningful decisions for themselves and their families' future.

Be Empowering

Share knowledge, power, and tools that lead to confident personal action.

Be Significant

Recognize the importance of individual and team efforts; Provide added value to clients and team members beyond what is spent in time and money.

Meet the Team

Matthew Prisco

Founder & CEO

My favorite part of Betafits is that I love building and working alongside the best team to change employee benefits - for good.

Fun Fact: Matthew started his first "business" at the age of 7 at a Jets football game.


Curtis Martin

Growth Operations

My favorite thing about working at Betafits is working in an entrepreneurial environment where personal and professional growth is cultivated.

Fun Fact: Curtis is a Detroit sports fanatic!


Dwayne Gibson

Service Operations

My favorite aspect of working at Betafits is being a part of a team that is passionate about making a positive impact on people's lives.

Fun Fact: Dwayne grew up in an Air Force family so he loves the sound of airplanes and waking up to the sound of jets.


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