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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the role of Betafits?

Betafits is a platform-agnostic benefits advisor, which means you can use Betafits alongside the payroll provider of your choosing. If your provider is also your benefits broker, you can likely appoint an external broker at any time. Our services pair especially well with leading HR technology platforms like Rippling and Gusto.

2. Is it free to work with Betafits?

Brokers are generally compensated by commissions paid by insurance carriers, so in most cases you have the option to work with Betafits at no cost to you. However, Betafits is also shining a light on the conflicts of interest with standard broker commissions, so many clients instead choose to work with us on a fee-for-service basis, which allows us to provide honest and unbiased advice for solutions that may not pay a broker commission.

3. How do I get started with or switch to Betafits as my benefits partner?

It all starts with a conversation. Then if you choose to make Betafits your broker of record (and you should!) your insurance carriers will recognize the change at the beginning of any month.

4. What services does Betafits offer?

Betafits offers comprehensive benefits consulting in a modern and data-driven way. This covers standard insurance benefits, such as medical, dental vision, life, and disability as well as retirement plan design consulting. Uniquely, Betafits also advises about emerging benefits categories, aligning your benefits with your culture, and improving your HR tech stack.

5. Where does Betafits do business?

Betafits works with innovative employers nationwide with a particular expertise with partially or remote workforces. In fact, as a growing number of companies now have remote international employees, we can also make recommendations for how to provide compliant local benefits in these other countries.

6. What about if I am currently with or seeking a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

PEOs can provide valuable assistance with many administrative and compliance burdens faced by SMBs, but it is a myth that they are the only path to the best benefits rates. We partner with multiple PEOs and can help you decide if your best option is to place your benefits with or carved out of your PEO.